Computer Vision FAQs

At Crystal Clear Optometry in McAllen, TX, we have been providing our patients with reliable eye care services for many years. One problem that our eye doctor is noticing more often than ever is computer vision syndrome, which occurs due to excessive screen time. Following are the answers to some questions our eye doctor frequently receives regarding computer vision syndrome.


What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is also known as CVS and digital eye strain. It is considered to be a recreational and occupational hazard related to the overuse of monitors and digital screens. This can result from devices such as laptop monitors and PCs to even smaller screens seen on e-readers and tablets. CVS can also result from cell phone use.

What Are Common Symptoms of CVS?

Symptoms that may accompany CVS include burning sensations, red eyes, eye fatigue, headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, blurred or double vision, and dry eyes.

What Is the Relation between Computer Vision and Dry Eyes?

Normally we blink our eyes every several seconds to maintain tear film and eye moisture. However, people that are constantly staring at computer screens and other digital screens forget to blink at the proper intervals. Protective tear film ends up dissipating which results in exposure to air in the eyes, drying them out.

How is CVS Diagnosed?

CVS can be confirmed and diagnosed along with the underlying causes. During your visit to our optometry office, we will discuss the symptoms you are currently experiencing. We will then perform a visual acuity test and refractive testing to try and figure out what the most effective treatment is for you.

How Can an Eye Doctor Reduce My Exposure to Glare?

A variety of filtering options will be offered to you that can help decrease the amount of glare that enters your eye. Computer glasses are often helpful. These glasses also allow you to optimize your corrective prescription for a screen distance. You may also want to consider changing the lighting in your workplace to reduce glare.

Contact Our Eye Care Professionals for Computer Vision Treatment in McAllen, TX

If you believe you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, the eye care professionals at Crystal Clear Optometry are ready to assist you. Our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine the treatment option that will be best for you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (956) 687-6567. 


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