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Whether for vision correction, therapeutic purposes, or natural look, contact lenses have several fundamental differences from regular eyeglasses. At Crystal Clear Optometry, our professional staff helps patients find the best eye care for their unique needs. We provide thorough eye examinations and a vast selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

What Are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, curved lenses that you can put directly on your eye's surface. They are frequently referred to as contacts and are naturally clear. In most cases, our optometrist prescribes contacts for patients with particular needs.

While most people wear contact lenses for vision correction, they can also be worn to provide a natural look to your face. The FDA classifies all contacts as medical devices that require comprehensive eye examination before providing a prescription.

What's the Difference Between an Eye Exam and a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lens exams are generally more comprehensive than regular eye exams. They include several special tests that you may not find in routine examinations.

If you're interested in getting contact lenses, you should inform our optometrist in advance. This is because a contact lens test is more detailed, and we may need to set aside additional time.

We usually advise our clients to have general eye exams and contact lens exams done by the same optometrist. That's because if different eye care professionals perform both tests, the second ECP may want to redo some tests to confirm your eye's health for accurate contact lens fitting.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

Generally, we will test your visual acuity and overall eye health to be fitted with contact lenses. For acuity, we use an eye chart similar to the one used in general exams. 

Next, we will ask you about your lifestyle and any preferences on the type of contacts you'd like to have. For instance, would you prefer overnight wear contact lenses or daily disposables? Or, do you want soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts? Your preferences and factors, such as where you work, pre-existing eye problems, and your day-to-day routine, will help us deduce the best contact options for you.

Get Your Contact Lenses from Crystal Clear Optometry in McAllen, TX

Patients in and around the McAllen area trust Crystal Clear Optometry to provide them the best eye care services. Our patients trust our professional environment by putting our clients first. Call us at (956) 687-6567 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help your eyes health. 


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